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Promoting equity and working in collaboration so all youth in Anne Arundel County thrive from cradle to career.



We believe that if nonprofits and other community partners commit to promoting equity, learning and working together, we increase the odds that all of our youth will thrive from cradle to career. 


Our initial efforts are directed at helping nonprofits build—


  • awareness of each other’s work.

  • relationships with each other that lead to collective action.

  • engagement and partnership with communities we serve.

  • shared information and access to resources, such as shared grant opportunities and best practices.

  • learning opportunities to further equity in our community.

  • projects that lead to collective action, and eventually collective impact.

Learn about Ongoing Projects


Nonprofits, government agencies, the school system, faith-based and community organizations provide a wide array of support for youth and their families facing adversity in our community. 


Yet the needs of many are not being fully met.


We believe working together increases the odds that all of our youth will thrive from cradle to career. Systemic problems require systemic solutions, like Collective Impact. 


Many communities have developed successful collaborations that come together around a common agenda, engage in continuous community communications, provide reinforcing activities, and use shared measurement to ensure that approaches to collective action are working. 


Click on links below to see articles about the principles of Collective Impact and successful examples of working together in collaboration.


Collective Impact, National Council of Nonprofits


Embracing Emergence: How Collective Impact Addresses Complexity, Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2013


Collective Impact 3.0, An Evolving Framework for Community Change, Tamarack Institute

Volunteers Packing Food


Nonprofits in this collaborative commit to diversity, equity, inclusion, and evidence-based solutions to bring systemic change to help our youth thrive from cradle to career.


We seek and value all types of diversity. We put equity into action daily. We strive to dismantle inequities, including those present in ourselves, our organizations and our communities. We agree to learn, un-learn and take action.


We engage students, families, and communities most directly impacted by inequities in planning and decision-making to bring about change. We act with and not for others.


We use data and evidence to measure our efforts and devise solutions to achieve the systemic change we seek.


We act inclusively and cooperatively at all times and with other stakeholders. We value that we need each other if we are to bring change. 


We communicate directly and transparently. We act with integrity.


We highlight the wonderful work nonprofits are doing alone and share credit for what we do together. We each own this effort. We each bear responsibility for its success.




In October 2019, under the leadership of Erin Snell and Vanessa Bright, a group of nonprofits met to discuss working together to address gaps and limitations in the ways we address these needs.


Out of those discussions, a Steering Committee came together and formed committees to explore ways to help nonprofits and other community stakeholders take collective action to help youth thrive from cradle to career, that could lead to collective impact in effecting systemic change for our youth facing adversity.


Currently, in addition to the Steering Committee chaired by Erin Snell, Charting Careers, and Vanessa Bright, Maryland Reentry Resource Center, the Collaborative has four committees:


  • Continuous Communications

  • Shared Measurement

  • Mutually Reinforcing Activities

  • Backbone/Financial


If you are interested in co-leading or participating with a committee, please email

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